Due to Covid-19, this is an online competition. You can enter this contest from the comfort of your home or living room.


Katty Williams

Katty Williams Hairstyle

"Very happy to do so, I think we should all give ourselves the opportunity to participate "

Jhon Tomas

Jhon Tomas Hairstyle

"It is an opportunity to do a challenge and a good way to make new friends"

Janet Campbell

Janet Campbell Hairstyle

"This is a way to have fun doing what you like and share it"


STEP 1 * Post your the best hairy style photo

STEP 2 * Let the people vote your photo and judges by bijoux hair evaluate it.

STEP 3 * Annonce the winners


For all Participants:
– Your winning photo published on our Beauty Elements® social networks, with your contact identifier attached.
– Photos featured in Beauty Elements®
– Photos that appear in the Beauty Elements® show guide.

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